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Wei Hong Sports Club offers a variety of learning, training and competitive programs for children and youth.

We offer:​

  • Group Classes for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels

  • Private Lessons

  • Competitive Event Opportunities with the Wei Hong Swim Team

Click to learn more about our 2017/18 FWS Schedule

Lesson Info

Swimmer Info

Upon registration and joining Wei Hong Sports Club, all swimmers will be provided with:


  • Wei Hong Sports Club Swimming Cap


Additionally, swimmers are expected to bring the following:

  • Swimming Suit

  • Goggles

  • Personal Towel

  • Personal Shower Items (Shampoo, Comb etc)

  • Appropriate Indoor Footwear (Flip Flops, Deck Shoes etc)

  • Kick Board, Pull Buoy & Paddles (purchased from Swim Shop)

You can shop for most items at incredible prices from our Wei Hong Swim Shop.

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