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Wei Hong Sports Club (Canada) was founded in 2013 by senior swimming coach Henry Tsoi and Lily Lam with the vision of providing children of all ages a chance to improve their basic skills and be trained systematically for swimming competitions as well as enhance their physical fitness.

Henry and Lily were elite swimmers in China in the 1960's and 1970's. They were trained by decorated athletes and swim coaches such as Jingyong Lin, Lianhua Huang, Qiangli Wang and Tianhui Zhang, along with many other famous swimming instructors in China. 

By the mid 1970's, Henry and Lily began to engage in swimming teaching work in Hong Kong. 

Over decades of swimming teaching work, combined with their solid professional knowledge and long-term theoretical practice, Henry and Lily developed innovative and scientific methods to swimming coaching, and formed their own team of professional swimming coaches. ​​

Over 40 Years of Success!

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